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About Actuality Entertainment

Launched by Firstline Security, Actuality Entertainment was initially conceived as a management firm for entertainment-based recruiting efforts such as The Prodigy, a reality television series. Part of the Firstline Security family of businesses, Actuality Entertainment maintains a proven and highly knowledgeable executive staff, including seasoned entrepreneur and Firstline CEO Wright Thurston. Thurston first saw the incredible potential in The Prodigy, a reality program that used real-life recruitment processes to identify and hire motivated young salespersons, giving them a chance to establish themselves in sales and learn from leaders in the trade.

Actuality Entertainment’s The Prodigy consisted of several segments, the first focusing on the recruitment process. Cameras followed the show’s producers and staff as they visited various colleges and communities to hold group recruiting sessions and job interviews to seek out the ideal contestants for the program. Once the selection process was complete, the contestants were filmed as they trained in Firstline’s marketing and sales techniques and learned about the firm’s extensive line of business security solutions. Following their training, the reality show stars were assigned to territories across the United States and followed by Actuality Entertainment’s camera crews as they pitched sales presentations to customers, implemented marketing campaigns, and participated in competitions to test their business abilities.

After shooting more than 80 hours of footage for The Prodigy, Actuality Entertainment crowned Jordan Folsom as the show’s champion based on his high sales numbers and his above-average performance in the business skills tests. Firstline Security’s Board of Directors announced Folsom as the winner and awarded him $300,000 in cash and a new car. Due to financial hang ups, however, Actuality Entertainment was never able to air the reality television series, although the company continues to own the show’s concept as intellectual property.

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